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Airport protein hunt

After a midnight-ish snack of processed cheese-like product (1/4 oz), 4 crackers, and some nuts (for 170 calories & a whopping – not – 5 grams of protein) for which I was privilaged to fork over four US dollars, I went on a protein hunt in the Miami aiport.

Totally passed right by a Saborro’s (which in lifetimes past would have drawn me in like a 25th Century tractor-beam), and finally settled on the unlikely, Burger King.

Crisandwich(sp) – ham (NOT bacon or sausage), with egglike & cheeselike product, and only ate half the bun. Keep the deepfried potatoes TYVM, even though they are ‘free.’

May not sound like the ideal meal, but considering the options, and how in my former life airline travel was used as the ultimate excuse to ‘splurge’ (surprisingly to me, I don’t even think in those terms anymore) – I am more than satisfied by my choices.

PJ – what do you think? Good strategy given the circiumstances? Any ways I could have done better?

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Why you should wait & start your diet later

All the conventional wisdom says if you want to reach a goal, make a change, or start a new path – the only time to start is ‘now.’ You’ve heard all the cliches: “No time like the present.” “Nothing ever happens tomorrow – whenever something ever actually happens, it’s always now.” “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” I am sure you could help me come up with a dozen more.

And all those things are true. They are valid. They are time tested and not to be ignored. However, I am gonna make the case for starting your diet ‘later.’ Here’s why:

When I started my fat-burning and getting fit journey in earnest, with complete commitment and focus back in June, I did one thing thing right. It was different from how I had ever approached weight-loss before, and I think it played a big part in the success I have had — I took time, plenty of time – a couple weeks at least – to psych myself up for the challenge.

Like almost everyone (and I am willing to bet everyone reading this), I had tried many times before and failed. I had gotten excited about the idea of losing weight & getting fit, and then dove in with great enthusiam, without giving much thought to what impact the changes I needed to make would have on my life, or how I planned to overcome the challenges that would inevitibly arise.

So with great hope and a plan (except a plan for overcoming challenges and small failures) I forged ahead. You can guess where this is headed. Inevitably, at the first sign of trouble – unable to resist the office snacks, up a pound after being really, really good for the week – I would get profoundly discouraged and quit, resigned that there was something wrong with me, I just couldn’t do it, and I should just concentrate on loving myself the way I was.

It wasn’t until I took those weeks to really solidify my comittment to myself, and figure out things
like how much extra time did I need in the morning to pack a lunch, when was I going to do my shopping, how would I handle the party & girls night out, and most importantly, how would I handle myself if/when I slipped up, or I didn’t see the results right away – it wasn’t until I had answered all those questions that I finally said “ok, I’m starting today and going for two weeks. No quitting, no excuses.”

And, finally, those first two weeks of my diet were nothing less than triumphant. Not only did I lose 8 pounds, but I proved to myself that I could do it, and this was only the beginning.

This is all coming up now because I have been at a standstill. But now I am getting really excited because I am also gearing up for phase 2 of my fat- loss fitness jouney, beginning November 16.

I guess my point is, that while it’s true that you won’t get results by fooling yourself that you will start on some perpetual ‘tomorrow’ – there is also some value in waiting to start until you know you are ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes.

(another iPhone post)

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Vacation strategies for high-protien eating

Here’s what I’ve been wondering about recently: How do I maintain my high-protein, low-carb ways when I am on a vacation where food is pre-planned? I am going on a sailing vacation that includes meals, and just a couple days ago I realized, woops, wonder what the meals will be like. Read More…

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The perfect dinner out

Sticking within the 15FaveFoods guidelines when going out takes special creativity and determination. That is why it is so nice to stumble across a hip & fun restaurant that has a perfect 15Fave dinner, right in my neighborhood.

The Paragon on the top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle is that place for me. It has been there for 14 years, but has probably been 10 since I’d been there for dinner. My parents and I chose it purely for convenience for an early dinner a couple ago and walked away unexpectedly impressed by the value, gracious service and the quality of the food. Read More…

This morning, I opened up an inspirational book that I often (though not as often as I’d like)  use to start my day, and the theme for the month was Gratitude. Of course. What could be more fitting since November is the home of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I look forward to it every year – and not just because of the food –  and am always sad that it seems over too fast. What better way to extend the love, contentment, conviviality,  and heart-felt good cheer of the season, than to extend it to the whole month? Read More…


Am I crazy to think I can do this? Probably.

Ok, lots of writers know about NaNoWriMo – but not nearly as many have heard of of NaBloPoMo – I hadn’t. But, this is either perfect timing or supremely crazy – probably both. I have never had a huge motivation to write a novel, but I do have the motivation to write. And…with starting this blog just a few weeks ago, it might be just the writing challenge for me. And challenge it will be, considering I am going to be sailing for 7 out of the next 13 days. Hmmmm…wonder just how determined and inventive I can be. Guess we will find out.

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Yummy Sunday Scramble

Just made this yummy Sunday Scramble (click for recipe and nutrition info on Very tasty. The Canadian bacon smells great while it’s grilling (almost as good as regular bacon, with waaaaay less fat). The cheese adds an extra flavor kick, and with 35 grams of protein, it’s a great way to jump-start fat-burning for the day.

Could add some extra yum with a bit of salsa and a slice of avocado.

Let me know how you like it.

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Five Ways to Fight Focus Fatigue

I have been struggling with a new challenge recently. Since June, I have been very focused on changing my eating habits and losing weight. I have enjoyed training myself to eat in new and healthier ways, and have seen slow, yet steady progress toward my goal of fitting comfortably again into size 10 clothes. But over the last few weeks, it has been harder and harder for me to focus on building, maintaining and expanding my new habits. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have started eating burgers, pizza and ice cream instead of protein salads and broiled broccoli.  I have maintained the majority of my new habits, and so maintained my weight (the good news), but I haven’t been losing (the bad news).

It seems like I only burn extra fat when my mind is 100% focused on that goal, and firing on all cylinders to make it happen – and I am currently suffering a severe case of focus fatigue.

I just haven’t been able to get quite as enthusiastic about envisioning myself at goal each morning, tracking every single thing I eat, putting in two extra workouts a week, really pushing myself on the workouts I am doing, keeping my fridge stocked with protein and veggies, preparing and packing my food for the day, drinking buckets of water, or forgoing my beloved vino at every outing or party with friends.

I know all those things really work – I have the results to prove it. But my enthusiasm, which has carried me for four months and down 15 pounds, seems to have left the building. So I am at that point when I need to ask myself (and you) how do I keep focused when it no longer seems fun or exciting or new? Read More…

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If this is the first time you have visited, be sure to read the About Leisa page to find out about me and what inspired me to start the  blog. It’s still growing and evolving, as is my fitness journey. I hope you find something useful and interesting, and check back often or subscribe, as I add info not only on my personal journey, but how you can use the simple concept of finding 15 new favorite foods to jump-start fat-burning and life-long fitness.

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How To Pick Your 15 Fave Foods Wisely

A guest post by PJ

Picking 15 favorite foods can be a challenge – even for “regular” foods. Some think it’s tough thinking of that many, while others find it hard to limit their list to only 15. To make this task a little easier (and to help you choose foods that are good for you), I have some suggestions. Read More…

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