My Progress

Starting point: 10/19/2009

I'm smiling, but it doesn't mean I like it.

I'm smiling, but that's because I'm looking at the photographer, not the picture.

Alrighty then, I said I would post pictures and here they are. There is a whole bunch I could say, like smart-assy comments about what I don’t like about these pictures, or about how much I didn’t want to do this, and why I think it is a really bad idea. But the bottom line is – I said I’d do it, I did it, it’s done. And that’s something.

Now the point is to be able to show some progress in the coming weeks. I haven’t posted my goals yet
because I am still kind of going back and forth on what I want to say. You know, once it’s out there on the Internets, there
is no taking it back. So, I want to settle on something that feels right for me. Something that will be
an accomplishment, a real, visible achievment, but also something that seems possible to my monkey-mind.

I am not one of those people – much as I admire them and wish I were – who can say something impossible, and then just go all out to get it done. No. Whenever I try to do that the little voices in my head (no snickering, you have them too) start throwing a tizzy fit with lots of commentary that ultimately ends in something like “well, it’s impossible anyway, so why even try?”

This is the kind of photo that really makes me appreciate clothes.

This is the kind of photo that really makes me appreciate clothes.

So I learned a long time ago that for me, the goal has to sounds and seem in some way doable.  But it also has to be a stretch and a challenge or it won’t call forth any new thinking, learning, action, or ingenuity.

My initial goal when I started back in June was and still is – wearing size 10 clothes comfortably.But I also want a weight loss (or as I prefer to think of it, a fat burning) goal.

Ok, wait, – it just came to me. There are 12 weeks until my birthday. I want to lose my next 15  pounds on or before January 5. I will. That’s a goal that is doable, will be an achievment, and even though  a little over 1 lb per week may not sound aggressive, remember, I have a 10-day vacation, plus Thanksgiving, Christmas  and New Year’s Day holidays in there. (Better stop now before I talk myself out of it.)

No, ok. That’s it – down 15 by January 5. My plan is to post new pictures every 2-4 weeks.



  1. Hey Leisa – we were in the workshop together at Columbia Towers. I saw PJ mention this blog and I’m glad I checked it out. Right now I’m struggling with regaining my dedication, Many of your comments remind me of my own thoughts and feelings at the beginning of this journey. Thanks for creating this blog and sharing it. I may have to have some photos taken – although the thought alone is terrifying.
    Thanks for your inspiration.


    • Thanks Barb –
      I understand about gaining & losing dedication. The month of October has been more of a ‘maintaining’ month for me. I realized that I had gotten a little burned out on the level of focus I was bringing, so I gave myself a ‘break.’ The good news is, my break has been maintaining healthy habits – just not so focused on losing – and I have maintained my weight and improved fitness with exercise. Now I am ready to recommit to losing. I think if I hadn’t let up on the gas a bit, I wouldn’t have regained the energy to focus again on losing. Even if you just recommit for 2 weeks, that will give you a jump-start. Good luck & let me know if I can do anything to support you.

      • Is there a way I can get notification that you replied? I just saw this reply now.
        Also, I read somewhere about cran-water but now I can’t find it on this site. can you direct me? Thanks!

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