About Leisa

About the blog

This blog is about how doing one simple thing – going on a campaign to find fifteen new favorite foods – and how that has jump-started my fitness, helped me start burning and losing fat, and set me on a permanent course to a healthier me.  I still have farther to go, and I am sharing in case you want to come along.

I started this journey in earnest (with complete commitment) about 5 months ago, and since that time I have lost over 15 pounds of fat. If you compare that to results of some people who get totally focused on losing weight, it may not sound like a lot, but for me it has been life-changing, invigorating, exciting and empowering. So much so, that I know I have started not just a journey toward fitness, but a new chapter in my life.

About Leisa

leisaI am not a nutritional expert, or fitness pro, and I haven’t even reached my goal yet. I am just a person who has wished I had a better level of fitness for years, and tried and failed to lose 30+ pounds many, many times, using many,
many different ways, only to end up in the state of “Oh, that didn’t work for me, guess I am screwed” or “I need more discipline” or “I still look pretty good” or some other similar defeated refrain.  So, if any of that is familiar, we are comrades.

And, I’m someone who finally realized that the direction I was headed with my weight, (down a few, up a few more, down a few, up a few more)  was no longer OK with me. Simply put – I ‘did the math.’ In the past 10 years, I had averaged gaining a negligible 3 pounds per year. That doesn’t sound excessive or obsessive, but if I looked out, continuing on that path – in 10 more years I was headed squarely, certainly, well into 200 pounds plus territory. And that was when something inside of me just said “No! No more. That is NOT how it’s going to go.” And that’s when I started this journey.

And now – even though I am still at the beginning in terms of the percentage of the way towards reaching my goal – for the first time (distinct from all the other tries) there is no question in my mind that I am on a new path. I’m not worried about quitting or ‘backsliding’ because I am clear I have ‘been there, done that’ and now it’s time for a new adventure, and this is it.

I hope will find something useful in it. If so, please let me know. I would love to hear your comments and feedback.




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  2. Your blog was recommended to me which is why I came to take a look. I am intrigued but I have been all over your blog and I don’t have any idea how 15 fav foods is to be used for weight loss. Are those then the only 15 foods you can eat? Is there an entry I am missing that you can point me to that will make sense of this concept in wieghtloss?


    • HI Dee –
      Thanks for your question. You make a good point. A couple things, the blog is new, really new – barely even one month old, so I haven’t gotten all the information out there organized in exactly the way that I would like. I am working to improve it every day.

      But here is a short answer to your question, and I will also email to you an 8 page PDF file that puts some of this in more detail. My plan is to get all that info onto the blog in the next 30 days or so.

      With that preamble, here is the simple scoop – the average American diet consists of approximately 15 different foods per week – maximum! Meaning, we pretty much each the same thing over and over. A couple favorite breakfast things, our 3 favorite places for lunch, our 4 or 5 typical dinners, like that.

      So….once I made the commitment to really lose weight, I realized that I didn’t need to deprive myself of anything – I just needed to find MY NEW 15 fave foods – ones that would jump-start fat burning, instead of promoting fat storing (I hadn’t gained weight in a while, but seemed like I could not lose, no matter what I did). That’s where my trainer, PJ came in – he gave me a few simple rules, and I was off and running.

      So the idea is for YOU to find your own new 15 fave foods based on these simple rules. PJ & I have shared our favorites to help get you started. As I have had success with the first few rules, I have added more, slowly changing my whole attitude and way of eating over time.

      Here are enough to get you started – then read the PDF, and I would love to hear any other questions you have after that.

      Rule 1 – Get a minimum of 100 grams protein per day, everyday, no matter what.
      Rule 2 – Keep the carbs to under 100 grams protein per day.
      Rule 3 – Limit or eliminate alcohol to 1-2 drinks/glasses of wine per week.
      Rule 4 – Water, water, water – minimum of 64 oz per day.

      Now, you notice I could have said cut out sugar, no white bread, pasta, rice – but, instead, what I have found is that in just doing rule number one, all that other stuff worked itself out and I just naturally started eating lots of lean meats and dark green veggies and my body started to change, and so did my appetite. All in good ways.

      I hope that helps. If you do nothing else, just take step one for 2 weeks – you will be on a hunt for how to get that much protein in your diet, but if you do, I have no question you will be happy with the results.

      Again, I will email you with the PDF. Please let me know if any of this helps clarify.

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