Posted by: itsleisa | 06/02/2010

Restart toward the finish

Yes, it’s been a little quiet over here at 15FaveFoods. Probably nobody but me (and perhaps a few wonderful, generous friends and budding fans – thank you) noticed. Regardless  – here I am again. And now, I’m ready to finish it. Not finish the blog, but finish this next portion of the journey I started almost exactly a year ago – the jump-starting my fitness and health journey.

A quick look back

Lots has happened in that last year, and as a way to restart, here’s a review to remind myself of what I’ve learned so far:

  • “Yes, I can lose” – I busted the myth that there must be something wrong with me because in 12 years of wanting to lose weight, I’d only gone in the wrong direction.
  • I can lose weight eating new foods I love – and many times, foods I like way better than what I replaced.
  • Prioritizing exercise consistently (even when I’m ‘really busy’) is not only possible and worth the effort, it makes me happy.
  • I can eat well (meaning to lose or maintain) and not feel ‘deprived’ – even on vacation, at holidays and special occasions, ect.
  • My old, destructive eating habits and thoughts are no match for my commitment and resolve, if I really mean it.
  • Making a 100% commitment – “Ready and willing, no matter what, whatever it takes” –  makes creating permanent change possible in a way that “trying” never will.

So what’s going on now?

Well, to jump-start results of this next phase (and help me discover some more new 15FaveFoods), I am doing a 3-week cleanse offered by Delicious Planet. I will share more details upcoming, but the basics are that they offer prepared healthy, organic, yummy meals, delivered several times weekly. Great, healthy food and convenience? Now that’s an urge you want to say yes to.

With this program, I am getting complete meals for 3 weeks: low-fat, dairy-free, gluten and wheat-free. All designed to give my liver a much-needed break. So far it’s been fantastic. I have loved everything. Very fresh and flavorful, and I have found it to be more than enough food.

Each day includes a breakfast cereal, fruit & veggie snacks, a salad, soup, and dinner entree, plus extra fruit.  They are delivering the kind of meals that I always wish that I could find the time to make for myself. And now, they magically show up at my door 3 times per week. It makes eating healthy so easy. And I am loving that.

I’m loving it because

In the first week, I’ve lost 3 pounds. One of the best parts is knowing that I have healthy meals and snacks right at my finger-tips. It was funny to see how many times my mind wants to grab a piece of candy or chips, but then I think “stop, wait – you have these great cut up veggies and humus right here” Oh ya. It’s making it easy to make good choices. I would have to go out of my way to mess it up. That’s what I call setting yourself up for success.

And…I’m already planning which of these meals will be added to my permanent list of 15FaveFoods when the cleanse plan is done.

Part of finding 15FaveFoods – foods that keep me healthy and fit, and that I love – is lowering the barrier to success by finding things that are convenient. If I had to cook every single thing on my plan from scratch, it would be more likely that at some point my old pitfalls called “it’s too much work” or it’s nasty cousin “it’s not worth the effort” would raise their ugly heads and try to subvert my resolve.

Having an option like ordering healthy, organic meals, pre-made, reasonably priced and delivered right to my door from Delicious Planet (their motto is “They Joy of Not Cooking”) make those two excuses wither up and blow away as glaringly lame. I will report in more as I go. In the meantime – I highly recommend checking out what Randi and her team have to offer.

What about you?

What have you started that it’s now time to start to finish? As a friend said over on Facebook – It’s June, do you know where your goals are? What kinds of things can make eating healthy and staying fit convenient for you?



  1. It’s easy to start something new. The challenge is usually in keeping it going and/or getting back to it when we fall off the wagon!

    Your post is not just a good reminder but an acknowledgement of the fact that this is usually how it goes!

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