Posted by: itsleisa | 11/06/2009

Airport protein hunt

After a midnight-ish snack of processed cheese-like product (1/4 oz), 4 crackers, and some nuts (for 170 calories & a whopping – not – 5 grams of protein) for which I was privilaged to fork over four US dollars, I went on a protein hunt in the Miami aiport.

Totally passed right by a Saborro’s (which in lifetimes past would have drawn me in like a 25th Century tractor-beam), and finally settled on the unlikely, Burger King.

Crisandwich(sp) – ham (NOT bacon or sausage), with egglike & cheeselike product, and only ate half the bun. Keep the deepfried potatoes TYVM, even though they are ‘free.’

May not sound like the ideal meal, but considering the options, and how in my former life airline travel was used as the ultimate excuse to ‘splurge’ (surprisingly to me, I don’t even think in those terms anymore) – I am more than satisfied by my choices.

PJ – what do you think? Good strategy given the circiumstances? Any ways I could have done better?


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