Posted by: itsleisa | 11/05/2009

Why you should wait & start your diet later

All the conventional wisdom says if you want to reach a goal, make a change, or start a new path – the only time to start is ‘now.’ You’ve heard all the cliches: “No time like the present.” “Nothing ever happens tomorrow – whenever something ever actually happens, it’s always now.” “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” I am sure you could help me come up with a dozen more.

And all those things are true. They are valid. They are time tested and not to be ignored. However, I am gonna make the case for starting your diet ‘later.’ Here’s why:

When I started my fat-burning and getting fit journey in earnest, with complete commitment and focus back in June, I did one thing thing right. It was different from how I had ever approached weight-loss before, and I think it played a big part in the success I have had — I took time, plenty of time – a couple weeks at least – to psych myself up for the challenge.

Like almost everyone (and I am willing to bet everyone reading this), I had tried many times before and failed. I had gotten excited about the idea of losing weight & getting fit, and then dove in with great enthusiam, without giving much thought to what impact the changes I needed to make would have on my life, or how I planned to overcome the challenges that would inevitibly arise.

So with great hope and a plan (except a plan for overcoming challenges and small failures) I forged ahead. You can guess where this is headed. Inevitably, at the first sign of trouble – unable to resist the office snacks, up a pound after being really, really good for the week – I would get profoundly discouraged and quit, resigned that there was something wrong with me, I just couldn’t do it, and I should just concentrate on loving myself the way I was.

It wasn’t until I took those weeks to really solidify my comittment to myself, and figure out things
like how much extra time did I need in the morning to pack a lunch, when was I going to do my shopping, how would I handle the party & girls night out, and most importantly, how would I handle myself if/when I slipped up, or I didn’t see the results right away – it wasn’t until I had answered all those questions that I finally said “ok, I’m starting today and going for two weeks. No quitting, no excuses.”

And, finally, those first two weeks of my diet were nothing less than triumphant. Not only did I lose 8 pounds, but I proved to myself that I could do it, and this was only the beginning.

This is all coming up now because I have been at a standstill. But now I am getting really excited because I am also gearing up for phase 2 of my fat- loss fitness jouney, beginning November 16.

I guess my point is, that while it’s true that you won’t get results by fooling yourself that you will start on some perpetual ‘tomorrow’ – there is also some value in waiting to start until you know you are ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes.

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