Posted by: itsleisa | 11/04/2009

Vacation strategies for high-protien eating

Here’s what I’ve been wondering about recently: How do I maintain my high-protein, low-carb ways when I am on a vacation where food is pre-planned? I am going on a sailing vacation that includes meals, and just a couple days ago I realized, woops, wonder what the meals will be like.

One smart move, I emailed the captain to ask what meals typically consist of, and – I suppose not surprisingly – found out this is what is normally for breakfast: “lots of cereal, bagels, fruit…” Sounds good enough, but if you are intent on fueling fat-burning with high-protein breakfast, it’s going in exactly the wrong direction.

The good new is, I can buy what I need (protein, protein, protein) at a grocery store before we set sail. Other than that, I am sure there will be protein of some sort for lunch. For example, a sandwich strategy I use: throw out at least 1/2 the bread. Keep only as much as you need to hang on to the protein. Then dinners will be at restaurants ashore, and I am sure there will be lots of great seafood choices.

I am taking plenty of protein bars as snacks just in case, and hoping to get through customs without agents mistaking protein powder for cocaine.

What about you? What high-protein strategies have worked for you while traveling?

I might not be posting as much as usual, but in the meantime, be on the look out for a couple guest posts from PJ, and go on over to his blog for more info and ideas on healthy eating.


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