Posted by: itsleisa | 11/02/2009

I have designated November ‘Personal Gratitude Month’

This morning, I opened up an inspirational book that I often (though not as often as I’d like)  use to start my day, and the theme for the month was Gratitude. Of course. What could be more fitting since November is the home of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I look forward to it every year – and not just because of the food –  and am always sad that it seems over too fast. What better way to extend the love, contentment, conviviality,  and heart-felt good cheer of the season, than to extend it to the whole month?

Thus, I have declared November my own personal gratitude month. I call it ‘personal’ gratitude month only to distinguish it from ‘national this month’ (for example, National Blog Posting Month), but that doesn’t mean I want to keep it to myself – far from it. I am going to be playing a little game to see if I can spread the gratitude by asking people every day, all month long “What’s been your favorite part of the day so far?”

To answer my own question for today – my favorite part so far has been: waking up early, early, early (5am), which gave me plenty of time for leisurely coffee-drinking, inspirational reading, packing a great 15FaveFoods lunch, and writing. What a great start!

I would love to hear from you, dear reader – what’s been your favorite part of the day, so far?


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