Posted by: itsleisa | 10/19/2009

Sometimes you just have to take the coaching

“Commitment comes first – Without this, it doesn’t matter what you ‘try.’ Without a completely new change of mind, a complete determination on your part not to give up – your body will not follow. You’ve got to choose to be willing to do stuff that until now you were unwilling to do, and keep on doing it until you reach your goal and beyond.” ~ Leisa

I wrote this paragraph about a month ago. Over the past few  months, I had been having some weight loss success, and a few friends had begun to notice and ask the inevitable – “what have you been doing?”  The short answer is, I have used the idea of finding 15 new favorite foods (more on this whole concept in posts to come) to lose 15 pounds of fat and completely overhaul my outlook on healthy eating and fitness. This has put me solidly on a path to weight goal I haven’t had in 15 years, and a level of fitness that I have never had.

Commitment, a bit of success and enthusiasm beget a blog

Since there were quite a few things that I had changed, and quite a few tricks that I had learned in my journey to fitness so far, I decided to write a little outline that I could email to people. Well, that turned into an eight page booklet, which then turned into people saying “you should write a book” and “you should write a blog.”

So, as things tend to do, this idea began to take on a life of it’s own  – to the point where before I knew what was happening,  I heard myself agreeing with my trainer, PJ Glassey, that I would start a blog to share what (with his help) I have been doing that works. So far so good. But before I could stop myself from saying “yes” again, I had also agreed to his suggestion to post pictures of myself as I progress. Arrrgh. Yes, I agree – that sounds like a really neat idea, but really? Pictures? In workout clothes? As I am losing?

I was just about to argue that while a good idea, pictures weren’t really necessary, when PJ pointed me right back to my own words about commitment. “It’s just taking your commitment and willingness to a new level, which will also take your results to a new level” he said. I was caught. No graceful way to wriggle out of my own commitment. The only way to go now is forward and so here we are.

Coming up

In the coming months and weeks, I will be sharing with you a few simple concepts that have changed my fitness, my body and my outlook. I will share my triumphs and insights, tips and tricks, struggles, and set-backs as I move forward in my commitment to “…do anything and everything, no matter what, whatever it takes…” to get to my fitness goal (more info on the goal in posts to come).

Along the way, my trainer, PJ will be checking in with some coaching, encouragement and course correction to help keep me on track. In my ideal world, something I share here will interest you, inspire you, or in some way motivate you to move toward what ever goal is in front of you.

Coming attractions….beginning photo. Really? Yes, really.



  1. Love it – you go girl!!! I will be watching and hope to be as deeply inspired as you are. Congratulations… deb

  2. Go Leisa, GO!

  3. Fabulous Leisa!! You inspire me!! 😀

  4. WAY TO GO LEISA!! I’ll read anything you write and look for more… MJ

  5. YAY! So many people can be helped by this!

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